The Cold Truth: 4 of the Most Common Roof Problems in Chicago Winters

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 The Chicago winter is no stranger to hail, harsh winds, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures. As a Chicago homeowner, it’s important to prepare your roof for the winter season and have a plan in place in case your home sustains winter storm damage. So, what are the most common winter roof problems in Chicago and what can you do to prepare? 

winter storm damage in Chicago

Chicago Roofing: Typical Causes of Winter Roof Damage 

Ice Dams: Wintertime in Chicago brings freezing temperatures and ice dams. Ice dams are when the snow on your roof is melting slightly, either from your home’s heat or the sun, and then refreezes onto your roof. The weight of the ice dam on your roof can cause a variety of issues such as leaks and costly damage to your shingles.

Heavy Snowfall: As a homeowner in Chicago, you should expect a lot of snow during the winter months. Heavy snowfall can build up on your roof and the weight can cause structural issues to your home.

Harsh Winds: During the winter, the Chicago area often experiences cold and heavy winds. In turn, these harsh winds can cause your shingles to crack, come loose, and even go missing. You can also experience issues with your chimney or damaged flashing. In addition, these heavy winds can cause weak branches to fall onto your roofing and damage it.

Roof Leaks: Last, but not least, your roof may start to leak during the wintertime in Chicago. It’s no surprise that a leak can cause a lot of issues for your roof’s health and the overall energy efficiency of the insulation in your home. During the winter months, your roof will expand and shrink due to temperature fluctuations. In turn, this could cause any leaks in your roof to worsen over time and condensation to build up. Call a roofing professional ASAP if you start noticing leaks or water pooling in your home.

winter roof problems in Chicago

Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter in Chicago 

Being proactive about preparing your roofing for winter can help prevent a plethora of roofing issues. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of things you can do to ensure you’ll stay safe and warm during the winter in Chicago.

Clean your gutter system: Having your gutter system thoroughly inspected and cleaned will help ensure that it efficiently funnels water away from your home during the winter months.

Clear away branches and tree limbs: Trim any weak branches around your home to prevent them from falling onto your residence during a winter storm.

Upgrade ventilation and insulation: Ensure that your home is properly ventilated and insulated so that the temperature in your home will stay regulated and keep you warm during the cold months.

Have an emergency storm damage plan: Gather online resources from your local government to help if you sustain storm damage. You should also hire a local roofing company that has experience with your local climate and that can provide you with reliable and personalized repairs. 

Winter Roof Damage Repair: Choose Owen Enterprises Inc.

At Owen Enterprises Inc., we have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and pride ourselves on serving our community with reliable, transparent, and long-lasting home improvement services. We know that dealing with storm damage to your roof is stressful, but we are here to help you through the repair process. Our team is highly equipped to fortify your roofing against harsh weather. 

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